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About Us

Admire. Collect. Wear. Live. Repeat.
At we sell only secondhand and vintage, big and big-personality earrings. Admire. Collect. Wear. Live. Repeat. Enjoy selecting a fabulous pair of big earrings for the day, then move on with your life. Repeat tomorrow!
Each pair of earrings we sell does 3 jobs...

One. Each pair exists in and of itself to be admired and appreciated! Browse our site and simply enjoy the options.

Two. Each pair is prepared to support you, your look, and your big plans, next adventures, and bold expressions. What is the next pair of big earrings you'll be adding to your collection?

Three. Each secondhand pair you buy here from our curated collection goes easy on the environment, part of growing sustainable fashion, secondhand first, eco-chic trends. 

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