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A handy chart of our terms:
  • Secondhand = Gently used. Re-released into the world for the next owner...maybe you? These are, by default, eco-friendly, eco-chic, sustainable fashion.

  • Handmade = Made by hand, by an artist, artisan, craftsperson.

  • Vintage = Over 25 years old.

  • Our "big" is everyday, wearable big for you, our customers, and whether that's 2" long or 6" long (or more) depends on you, your lobes, and your life. (It's not fashion runway, avant-garde photoshoot gigantic.)
  • Mostly big refers to size, often it refers to size and vibe, and we recently added the "mighty big personality" category for small earrings that are not to be overlooked!

Every pair of earrings we sell at does three jobs:

  • Each pair exists in and of itself to be admired and appreciated! Browse our site and simply enjoy the options.

  • Each pair is prepared to support you, your look, and your big plans, next adventures, and bold expressions. What is the next pair of big earrings you'll be adding to your collection?

  • Each secondhand pair you buy here from our curated collection goes easy on the environment, part of growing sustainable fashion, secondhand first, eco-chic trends. 

  • Our secondhand earrings are all in excellent condition, without defects that could detract from full use and appreciation.

  • I only sell earrings on this site that I personally would wear myself, which when it comes to secondhand earrings is a balance between condition and awesomeness, meaning that the more interesting and wonderful, the more likely I am to tolerate a ding here or there or some tarnish of history. Earrings that are on the border, I call out with a special note. 

  • All earrings are sold "as is," but all are returnable too if they don't meet your satisfaction (see below).

  • They've been properly cleaned before shipping.

  • Re-used, reclaimed, passed on...they're eco-friendly by default.

  • Even better, these are hard-to-find gems that will often be the compliment-collecting attention-grabbers in your personal circles. Be a good friend and tell others where they can get their one-of-a-kind big earrings!

  • We charge a flat $5 shipping fee for all U.S. orders of any size for USPS First Class Mail.

  • We charge a flat $10 shipping fee for all U.S. orders of any size for USPS Priority Mail.

  • International shipping is available.

  • Free shipping on U.S. orders over $50.00


Order with confidence using PayPal or your credit card (processed by Square).


Contact us at for our returns address if you would

like to return unworn earrings for any reason.

We will refund your purchase price promptly upon receipt of the merchandise.


We do not rent, share, or sell our mailing list or otherwise compromise your privacy. We collect general analytics data to assist us with understanding our customers as a whole, but it is not associated with your personal account.


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