Big Earrings for Long Zoom Meetings

One kind and astute BigEarrings customer has pointed out that our Sondra earrings (pictured), a colorful tassel of Southwestern-palette seed beads happens to look amazing on work video calls. (While I'm sure that is mostly her personal vitality, we'll give a bit of the due to the earrings.)

#9 in a prior blog post Top Reasons to Wear Big Earrings just happened to be: "Big earrings are an inspiring, distracting, entertaining, noticeable, wonderful addition to video meetings." Not as funny as, but better than, a cat filter, wouldn't you say?

In the spirit of Yes, we do have lots of earrings that would look fantastic on work Zoom meetings these days, we have two new collections on our homepage through the end of February, comprised entirely of new (not secondhand, not vintage) earrings: Big Zoom Meeting Color and Zoom Meeting Neutrals. Check them out! (Our Bridgerton Baubles will also be there for a few more days.)