Bridgerton Baubles: In Defense of "Regency-Like" and Historically Inaccurate Period Accessories

Take a certain recent Netflix series, add piqued curiosity from these articles:

The "Bridgerton" Jewelry Effect: Sales Spike for Regency-Era Baubles,

Which describes the spiking interest in Regency-era (early 1800s England) baubles since the airing of Bridgerton, with sample prices listed in the $6,500 to $36,000 range;


Bridgerton: In Defence of "Inaccurate" Costumes in Period Dramas,

In which we learn that historical misrepresentations of fashion to suit the needs of readers has historical precedent, thus validating all Bridgerton choices as appropriate for the buffet of eye candy it serves up to its viewers;

and add a new batch of sweet, sweet chandelier earrings arriving here at HQ to post, and a need for names (like Daphne, Eloise, Charlotte, Genevieve, Pen, Portia, etc.) and descriptions, and, well, now we have a new category on our home page: Bridgerton Baubles.

As in, historically inaccurate, but Regency-like, and totally acceptable period-piece, eye-candy substitutes for between $10 and $32, most $12 to $14. Check them out!