Gen X Bites Back...and with a Big Earring Tip for Those with Nickel Allergies

Finn Tiina Lehtoranta is a fellow Gen Xer who describes herself on her Elegance Revisted blog as an amateur fashionista who doesn’t really care what the latest trends are and prefers quality over quantity when it comes to clothes...a bad tourist who prefers room service and shopping to sightseeing...and a dilettante artist with a serious Photoshop addiction."

Tiina has also supplied the first big earring workaround I've ever heard for those with nickel allergies: "I never wear the hooks that come with the earrings. Instead, I always break the hooks off and dangle the earrings from white gold hoops instead. This allows me to also wear 'fun' earrings, in spite of my bad nickel allergy." Genius!

For work, relaxation, and travel style commentary with some bite, a wink, and some Scandinavian style, take a trip to Tiina's.

Kimono + shades

With earrings (clockwise from top): LaRae, Vick, Tiffany, Laurie, Shonda

Black and white + red

With earrings (clockwise from top): Felicity, Farrah, Patti, Trinidad, Suzy

Finnish summer statement dress

With earrings (clockwise from top): Lenora, Jaquee, Penelope, Opal, Padma

How to relax like a Finn

With earrings (clockwise from top): Mae, Glinda, Jacinda, Marcela, Diana

Styling a caftan

With earrings (clockwise from top): Ruth, Trina, Talia, Katerina, Deirdre