Life Begins After...Big Earrings!

Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger Gail McCauley writes at Life Begins After 50, but the native New Yorker, longtime Arizonan, has probably always had a full plate of interesting activities regardless of age. She has owned and managed two modeling and talent agencies, taught fashion merchandising, written about home decorating and interior design for national publications, and authored a DIY paint technique book, 50 Ways to Paint a Wall (Creative Publishing International).


Find the following looks and more of Gail's distinctive style by scrolling through the blog portion of her website.

Drapey LBD + animal print heels

With earrings (clockwise from top): Lyra, Betty Sue, Lisbeth, Koki, Becca

Gray jeans and a T-shirt + embroidery

With earrings (clockwise from top): Trina, Valencia, Daria, Rachel, Suzy

Red + brown + white booties

With earrings (clockwise from top): Sherrill, Farrah, Portia, Neve, Sigourney

Yellow + black + mixed fabrics

With earrings (clockwise from top): Cleofe, Ruth, Jestine, Vivi, Opal

Tiger print + fringe jeans

With earrings (clockwise from top): Yolanda, Lenora, Veronica, Brandis, Demetrice