Looking for Matches for My Onesies

You're looking at a portion of 30 years of lost earrings. Anyone else have such a collection? Looking at these now, I can't remember in most cases the reason I couldn't part with earrings I would never wear again.

But for others, I know. While there are earrings in this bunch that were gifts from my husband, from exes, from friends, from my sisters, it typically wasn't sentimentality that had me hanging on to these for years or decades.

I kept the bulk of these simply because I loved them so much when their mate disappeared. Looking at them now and again made me smile. Tangled in a scarf or winter outerwear on a Chicago bus or subway is how most met their demise. Besides the "10 seconds of joy" in admiring them, recalling their glory days, I probably also hoped that one day, I would find a match, no matter how unlikely the odds.

It's hurting now that I can't even remember the origins of most of these. The Art Deco one comes from a pair I bought on a lark for $60 from an antique dealer near Homer's Ice Cream in Wilmette, Illinois. The dangles with pink beads, upper right, came from a T-shirt shop outside the Los Angeles Book Fair, circa 2007. The big red sheath of beads came from a boutique in Milwaukee, the first pair of earrings I bought here after my son was born.

So, what the heck. Consider this my needle-in-the-haystack call. Do you have a match for any of these earrings? I will trade $20 in BigEarrings credit for a mate for any of these.