Mind Blown! You All Like Different Things

A fellow business owner, whose opinion I respect entirely, told me early on in the first months' of BigEarrings: "Make sure you keep the quality of your inventory high."

I heard what she was saying between the lines because it matched my own original thinking, "Make sure every pair for sale is incredible, something you would wear yourself!" I think maybe she was having too easy of a time deciding which pairs she wanted for herself because she didn't care for so many of them. We hashed this out first in a phone call and then later over drinks because...

I soon found out, duh, how misguided we both were. Because I couldn't have imagined the range of styles that customers prefer, the extreme differences in taste. In the first couple dozen orders it became shockingly, face-palm clear. Is it obvious that I hadn't worked in retail before? That I hadn't thought beyond my own style when it came to the decisions behind adorning oneself with the world's number one accessory, big earrings?

Luckily, I had that thunderbolt of realization early on because it has expanded my own sense of what make a pair of earrings fabulous and worthy of making available through

Tell me, what are you favorite pairs? Categories? What would you like to see more of?

Top: Jayla, Wally, Filza

Middle: Jennifer, Latisha, Mairzee

Bottom: Zaiga, Bertha, Lennox