"Never Too Late to Look Great!"

Jodie is a retired cosmetic dentist turned fashionista and a prolific fashion blogger whose site, Jodie's Touch of Style, revolves around an interesting twist. The site is not only about Jodie, but her mom, Charlotte; and good friend, Lesley, too. It's a look at looking good and having a blast with fashion in your 50s, 60s, and 70s, i.e., at any age you happen to be. Jodie and pals, I've noticed, also happen to showcase one of the best collections of earrings I've seen yet on a fashion blog. Join them for their outings and outfits and catch some of their infectious fun.

Metal geometry

With earrings (clockwise from top): Sherrill, Arielle, Victoria, Neve, Tamaron

Styling a peplum top

With earrings (clockwise from top): Ona, Genevieve, Ava, Amanda, Artemis

Black and white + lime green

With earrings (clockwise from top): Avery, Pinkie, Ori, Ruth, Dee

Royal blue and white + orange or yellow

With earrings (clockwise from top): Laurie, Ella, Tyler, Andrea, Lolly

Bold tee and jeans + textured multi-colored cardigan

With earrings (clockwise from top): Geri, Roberta, Celeste, Renata, Minnie