Rediscovering Your Edge, Thrift, and Style Imitating Art with Shelbee

Rediscover your own edge as you go down the rabbit hole of one fun look and one thing after another at fashion and lifestyle blog, Shelbee on the Edge. Alongside her eye for fashion, Shelbee muses on thrifting, art, mental health, middle-age realities, life in a military family, and football with honesty, humor, and good energy.

Brown + black + red

With earrings (clockwise from top): Sherrill, Vasha, Maritza, Randa, Minerva

Style imitating art: Girl with the Pearl Earring

With earrings (clockwise from top): Angela, Quiana, Tana, Jo, Alice

Pastel + argyle + gingham + seersucker

With earrings (clockwise from top): Eloise, Opal, Octavia, Mia, Penelope

Sleek and red with jeans

With earrings (clockwise from top): Suzy, Koki, Kym, Lisbeth, Becca

Orange + camo + holy hormones

With earrings (clockwise from top): Carlota, Laurie, Julia, Shannon, Una