Top Reasons to Wear Big Earrings

  1. Big earrings have big personalities!

  2. Big earrings are little works of art.

  3. Big earrings each have their own story.

  4. Big earrings are fun.

  5. Big earrings make you smile.

  6. Big earrings make you feel like a million bucks.

  7. Big earrings enhance any outfit in a minute.

  8. Big earrings get big attention. They're great conversation starters.

  9. Big earrings are an inspiring, distracting, entertaining, noticeable, wonderful addition to video meetings.

  10. Big earrings are versatile. Dress them up or down.

  11. Big earrings are microcosms of the whole variety of amazing that exists in the world.

  12. Big earrings are collectible. Keep and wear the best for decades.

  13. Sure, celebrities wear big earrings, but more and more, business women and world leaders wear big earrings. Why? Because they can.

  14. Big earrings keep up with your active, interesting life.

  15. Big earrings are an expression of you.

  16. Big earrings have big earring energy.

  17. Big earrings can instill big confidence.

  18. Big earrings live their best life through us.

What else? Help me build this list and keep it growing...