Welcome to BigEarrings!

Welcome to BigEarrings, fellow big earrings lover.

I created BigEarrings sort of spur-of-the-moment during the Great Covid Pandemic of 2020 (and 2021...).

It wasn't a brand-new idea, it had been on a back burner in my brain with assorted other schemes for at least 15 years. I had monitored the URL for that long, but it was always unavailable.

But I'm a book publisher, editor, coach, consultant...I didn't sell things so frivolous as big earrings! I just wore them. And loved them. And I had experienced a good 10 seconds of joy nearly every morning for over 35 years as I selected which pair of big earrings from my collection I would wear that day. Joy. Select. Wear. Go about the rest of living. Repeat!

Then a funny thing happened. In the spring and summer of 2020, working from home, deluged more than ever with online ads, I bought at least four pairs of earrings that were too big for me to wear. I should've known I had a limit, but I had fallen in love, was mesmerized, and by the 10th time I saw each ad I was primed to purchase.

This is what eventually drove me to look up the URL again. What if I had a place to re-sell these earrings...? This time I saw was for sale. But for more than I wanted to pay for no good reason as I didn't have an earring business and I already had a full schedule.

So I made a deal with myself (not one to pass up an opportunity that presents itself, even so unexpectedly...). I would pay $x for the site and not a dollar more. If the buyer accepted, then I would consider it my next undertaking, purveyor of big earrings! Well, the buyer didn't accept at first or second or third, but within six weeks of negotiations I was the owner of an awesome web address.

And, here we are, about two months after the store opened. Though just a part-time business at the moment, I endeavor to keep fine-tuning and crafting this shop so that it stays the kind of store that would be hands-down my favorite place to buy big earrings. For me that includes the range of prices and styles you see here, new pairs, secondhand pairs, vintage earrings, artist-made earrings, and ecofriendly earrings. My tastes run eclectic and universal.

Thank you for reading this little origin story. Glad to have you here. Drop me a line with any feedback or suggestions.