WELCOME20 and Use the Coupon Codes!

Britney. We're not that innocent. Use the coupon codes!

Our customers are the best. As I've mentioned before, most customers buy at least three pairs of earrings with each go-around and most customers have ordered more than once. And by more than once in the 10 months we've been opened, I don't just mean twice. There are a good chunk of you who have ordered three and four times.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are true big earrings lovers after my own heart.

That brings me to another interesting thing. Some of you, many of you, are not using the coupon codes, and some have made clear in encouraging emails why that is: "Because I support small businesses!"

Well, that is fantastic and I can't argue with that sentiment, but I want to remind you of a couple of things. This business is not my first rodeo and all (at least most) businesses, this one included, build the cost of coupons and discounts into their pricing and their business model.

So use the coupon codes already! They are available on all our social media sites. TWITTER20. FACEBOOK20. PINTEREST20. INSTAGRAM20. That's 20% off every time you shop with any of these codes. There's a pattern...

However, if you'd like to do something considerate in support of this small business, please spread the word and share the coupon codes. Especially this one:


Entering WELCOME20 at checkout gives the buyer $20 any order of $20 or more. (One-time use per customer.) What!? I know you are dismayed on our behalf. We're not giving away earrings...exactly. We're sharing the joy and love of big earrings and inviting customers at a price that's cheaper than advertising. Really. We happen to know that earring fiends will be back again and again once they discover us.

So, to repeat:

1-Use the coupon codes.

2-Share the coupon codes with other lovers of big and big-personality earrings.

3-Especially use and share WELCOME20 for a one time savings of $20 off any purchase of $20 or more.