What BigEarrings' First Customers Are Saying

BigEarrings has been open for about ten weeks now, and one of the best things about this brand new business is sharing the fun and joy of, well, big earrings with other lovers of big earrings. Finding pairs to sell. Showing them off. Selling them to customers. And hearing from customers!

As you can see, love, joy, and lightheartedness are a big part of the equation.

Here are some of the wonderful comments already received:

  • "I am obsessed and can't wear small earrings anymore. I have a few pairs from Colombia and they're huge! I love them."

—S.B., Illinois

  • "BigEarrings speaks my love language!!"

—K.C., Wisconsin

  • "When I was young, I was conservative and wore pearls and diamond studs. Now, I am almost 55 and I like to dress like an 18-year-old and wear big earrings and always dangling..."

—T.C., New York

  • "I LOVE big earrings and totally resonate with your 10 seconds of joy in choosing the earrings… I also have a funny story from my 20s when a guy I had just started dating criticized me for wearing big earrings. That was the end of him :)."

—L.G., California

  • "There are so many cool earrings. I bought many for my teenage daughter for Christmas. This is right up her alley. She loves stuff like this—vintage, eco friendly, etc. She even said she prefers them used."

—D.O., Illinois

  • "I love your site! Thank you. Big earrings are the best affordable guilty pleasure!"

—S.L., Indiana