The pictures do them justice. Incredible lightweight, high-impact earrings for any undertaking.


Tagua earrings by Soraya Cedeño are fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable jewelry handmade in Ecuador from the tagua (TAG-WAH) nut. The tagua nut, also known as "vegetable ivory," grows from a palm tree found primarily in the Ecuadorian rainforests. The harvesting of this nut—and the hand carving of it, coloring pieces with organic vegetable dyes, and assembling them into beautiful jewelry—helps in the preservation of the Ecuadorian rainforest and in providing good jobs for local artisans.


Expect slight color and size variations from piece to piece as goes along with such artistry.


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    Origins: Handmade, eco-friendly, Ecuador

    Brand: Tagua by Soraya Cedeño

    Materials: Tagua nut

    Closure: Ear wire

    Size: 3" x 1.5" at widest